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Rajasthan is one of the beautiful and royal states of India. Which has got the gift of a desert, palace, lake, colourful dress, excellent culture. You must have seen it as soon as you enter Rajasthan. The wonderful places and cities here will leave you spellbound. The magnificent forts, charming palaces, lush green gardens and serene lakes are enough to make your eyes sizzle. Its spiritual architecture will make the temples devotional. Rajasthan is famous not only in India but also abroad and people from there come to see the beauty of Rajasthan in abundance. Then what is the delay, in our Bikaner Pushkar Jaisalmer tour packages 6Night 7Days and Rajasthan tour packages from Delhi, plan a great tour of Bikaner, Pushkar, Jaisalmer, Mount Abu in the budget.

Rajasthan is a place like all in one. Where you can go to Rajasthan with the whole family. It is the centre of entertainment for everyone from kids to grownups. Visit Rajasthan with your family for a comfortable and enjoyable journey with the Rajasthan family tour package. Along with this, people from far and wide come here to do more royal functions like a traditional, royal wedding in the palaces in the big hotels here. It is also the best place for a honeymoon. If you are planning your honeymoon in Rajasthan, then we have Rajasthan honeymoon packages from Delhi and Rajasthan tour packages for a couple of tour packages for you. Where you will get all facilities. And you will be able to enjoy the journey without any hassle.

Places we visit: Bikaner, Pushkar, Jaisalmer, Mount Abu

Day 1 : Delhi to Bikaner

Bikaner Pushkar Jaisalmer tour packages With a package of 6Night 7Days, we will leave for the airports of Bikaner in Delhi on the first day of the tour. Which is about 495.3 km away. After reaching Bikaner, we will check-in by going to the hotel in Bikaner by special vehicle. After taking a rest, you will get to see the sunset views of Junagadh Fort, Bhandarsar Jain Temple, desert in Bikaner. Along with this, you will also be able to enjoy the taste of camel milk and camel ride. Bikaner is famous for its sweets, handicrafts, leather goods and Asia’s largest camel farm. With this, you enjoy seeing the intricately carved windows of this city.

Day 2: Bikaner to Pushkar

Today we will go from Bikaner to Pushkar. Where there are 52 bathing ghats and more than 500 temples. The Pushkar Lake is one of the five most sacred lakes. where you can take a holy bath. It is a rich historical and cultural city. Here is the only famous Brahma temple in the world. You will be happy in the devotional atmosphere here. After eating here, stay overnight at Pushkar Hotel. And the next day leaves for Jaisalmer.

Day 3: Pushkar – Jaisalmer (450KM – 7HRS)

After breakfast in the morning, we will leave for Jaisalmer which will take six to six hours to reach. Known as the Golden City, Jaisalmer is famous for its famous fort and haveli. It is situated in the middle of the fort and the Haveli town. Jaisalmer is famous for its miniature paintings, architecture and markets. About 3000 residents of Jaisalmer live on the walls of Jaisalmer Fort, so from this, you can get an idea of ​​the grandeur of the fort. This fort was built by the Bhati Rajput ruler Jaisal at the 12th wedding.

Lavish Havelis of Jaisalmer

Patwon’s Haveli, Salim Singh’s Haveli, and Nathmal’s Haveli, Nachana Haveli, Shreenath Palace Haveli, Hotel Garh, Jaisal Haveli these are lavish Havelis of Jaisalmer.

We will have dinner and rest at Jaisalmer hotel.

Day 4 : Jaisalmer

The next day we will visit Big Garden, 6 km from Jaisalmer. Which was started by Maharawal Jait Singh in the 16th century and completed by his son Lunakaran. After this, we will visit Gadsisar Lake which was built by Maharwal Gadsi in the 14th century. And in the evening Sam will enjoy a camel ride, sunset, folk dance and music of Rajasthan and traditional dinner. With our, Jaisalmer Udaipur Mount Abu tour package and Jaipur Udaipur Mount Abu tour package, you can plan a tour of Mount Abu and Udaipur. must visit at the Golden City of Jaisalmer.

Day 5: Jaisalmer to Mount Abu

The next day after breakfast we have to go from Jaisalmer to Mount Abu. It is a popular, popular hill station. On reaching Mount Abu we have to check-in at the hotel. After rest, you can go to see the sunset view in the evening. And there one can enjoy a boat ride in the lake. We have to stay here tonight and the next day we will go to the fascinating sights of Mount Abu. we have the cheapest tour packages for Mount Abu also.

Day 06: Mount Abu

Mount Abu Dilwara is famous for Jain temples, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and evergreens. This city is also known as an ‘oasis in the desert. Here you will also get to see the highest peak ‘Guru Shikhar’. Due to the climate here, this place becomes a tourist attraction in summer. You will also get a chance to take a boat ride on Nikki Lake. Enjoy visiting attractions like Ambi Pilgrimage, Stepan, Pathian, Modhira Temple. After having dinner and rest the next day we will leave for Delhi from Mount Abu.

Day 07: Mount Abu to Delhi

Will check out after breakfast at Mount Abu Hotel. And will leave for Delhi and will leave for Gharki.

Enjoy the wonderful and unforgettable memories of Rajasthan in the cheapest Rajasthan tour packages. Rajasthan tour package for 6Night 7Days This will be the best tour plan for Rajasthan for you.